Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Daily Mail on top form.

MBK emailed in the following snippet from this article:

MailOnline understands Jatindra Lad, 49, may have killed his wife Daksha, 44, and their two children, Trisha, 19, and Nisha, 16, before hanging himself. West Yorkshire Police have launched a murder investigation but said they are not looking for anybody else in relation to the deaths.

Worried friends and family who had not seen the family for 'some time' called the police who gained entry and found the bodies, which may have been there for days, the force said.

Officers are today guarding the £235,000 property in Blackberry Way, Clayton, while a forensics team gather evidence. The family, who moved to the area eight years ago, were 'lovely people' who had been celebrating Diwali at the weekend.

But they've managed to out-Daily Mail themselves. Several of the top rated comments were along the following lines

gilly1412: I honestly don't understand why DM feels the need to mention the value of people's houses the whole time?? What relevance does this have??

Bunbuns73: I think it is probably something along the lines of them thinking "oh their house was worth £250k therefore they were respectable and deserving of sympathy" or "oh their house was only worth £90k so they are obviously chavs from a rough area who deserved what they got".

I'm surprised they don't take the judgemental attitude a step further and tell us if people own their homes outright, are up to their eyeballs with a mortgage or da da daaaa - rent...

So true to form, the Daily Mail just edited the house price out of the article. It'd be a pity if they stopped doing it, that's half the fun.