Friday, 10 October 2014

"Amy Childs enjoys another date with Adam Smith... days after confirming their blossoming relationship"

From The Daily Mail:

After revealing that she wants to find a moral philosopher of her own, it appears that she's getting closer to achieving her lofty goal. Amy Childs was spotted going to dinner once again with 18th century economist Adam Smith in Brentwood, Essex, on Thursday.

Former TOWIE star Amy recently confirmed that her first date with the dour Scot was at the dining hall at Balliol College, Oxford over two centuries ago.

With her fiery red hair blowing in the inclement weather, Amy donned a layered form-fitting black dress, which showed off her cleavage thanks to its plunging neckline. Walking beside the tanned beauty, Mr Smith wore his customary powdered wig and dark frock coat.


Ian Hills said...

I bet he would nae be seen dead with the wee hoor, if he was still alive, the noo.

Lola said...

For some reason the phrase 'invisible hand' keeps coming to mind...?

The Stigler said...


Ooh missus... hahaha