Monday, 8 September 2014

Fun Online Polls: Dealing with ISIS & The Jonah Effect

The responses to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:

How should the UK respond to ISIS?

Full military confrontation - 12%
Restrict ourselves to tactical bombing raids - 9%
Provide anti-IS forces with weapons and support - 21%
Don't get involved at all - 51%
Don't know - 7%

That seems pretty conclusive to me and a good turnout as well, thank you to everybody who took part.

Top comments:

DBC Reed: This kind of discussion in a "Fun Online Poll" seems well sick.

Ljh: Nuke Mecca! See if Allah intervenes. A glowing hole in the desert is a huge negative when it comes to future recruitment drives.

Going back to an off the cuff remark by Lola...

15 August 2014: GORDON Brown has said talks on extending devolution should begin the day after the referendum if independence is defeated as he stated that the UK would be a “federal state” within two years with Holyrood and other regions of the UK handed equal status to Westminster.

The former Prime Minister talked about the “sharing of sovereignty” across the UK as he called for Scotland and the English regions to “unite” to demand a shift in power away from Westminster during an appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

6 September 2014: A poll has given the Yes campaign the lead for the first time during the Scottish referendum campaign...

The poll shows a four-point increase in support for Yes from the last YouGov poll published earlier this week. The No camp were leading by 14 points in mid-August and 22 points early last month, when undecided voters were excluded.

That's this week's Fun Online Poll.

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