Thursday, 31 July 2014

"Call to align nursery and primary school teacher status"

From the BBC:

Nursery school teachers should be given the same status and pay as those in primary school, the Pre-School Learning Alliance has said.

It said early-years teachers were being "locked out" of teaching in primary schools, even in reception classes.

Nursery teachers were very disheartened at the government's failure to bring the two sets of teachers' status in line, said the charity.

But the government pointed out that early-years teachers were probably just a bit irritable because of the heat wave.

"Maybe it's time for their glass of milk and afternoon nap," added the spokesman for the DfE. "We'll do some finger painting later on, that usually cheers them up."


Bayard said...

So called "news" on the BBC seems to be mostly people asking for more taxpayers money to be given to them. Failing that, it's calls to regulate or ban things, foreign conflicts, the sexual misconduct of public figures or what politicians have said or are going to say.