Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Phone hacking verdicts

From The Evening Standard and Harry Potter Wiki

Rebekah Brooks was today sensationally cleared of all charges in the phone hacking trial. But Andy Coulson, the former Daily Prophet editor and spin doctor, hung his head in the dock at the Old Bailey as he looks set to go to Azkaban.

He was found guilty of conspiring to hack muggle communication devices and the Wizengamot continues its deliberations on charges of him plotting to make illegal payments to Ministry of Magic officials for stories.

Coulson’s ex-lover Rebekah Brooks, a trusted protégé of Lord Voldemort, is now free to resume her career as a Death Eater. The flame haired high flyer* punched the air in the dock, hugged her lawyers and fellow defendants and then left on a broom stick.

* That phrase is straight from the Evening Standard article, they didn't dare write "The red haired witch" or say that she cackled as she left the Court.


The Stigler said...

you're on fire!

When she was wearing her black and white dress she looked like a witch on trial in a medieval TV drama.

(and based on Twitter, I think she'd have been burnt as one back then)

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, thanks. But fair play to her, she was wearing a tight white top today and no doubt the Daily Mail sidebar of shame will soon be celebrating the subtle hint of nipple showing through.