Friday, 2 May 2014

"Tube service earning West End millions each day in evening trade"

From The Evening Standard:

The West End has been hit by a surge in evening trade following the end of the Tube strike with takings up by as much as two hundred per cent in “down town” central London.

With the stoppage now over, restaurants, theatres, club and shops say they have reaped the rewards since the end of the dispute between the RMT union and London Underground, estimated to be benefitting them by at least £50 million a day.

Transport for London said all eleven Tube lines had resumed full service today and insisted ninety-nine of a hundred visitors had made into town on public transport, based on Oyster card readings.

Business leaders said the West End’s crucial night time economy had been given “another boost” as commuters and tourists spent the evening in London, knowing that they would not face a huge taxi bill after a night out.

Richard Dickinson, chief executive of New West End Company, which represents hundreds of shops, said: “We are acutely aware of the importance to the West End of the Tube service. We have 150,000 retail and office workers within our area, as well a half a million shoppers per day, who rely on public transport to visit the West End.