Thursday, 1 May 2014

Jeremy Clarkson: I did not use the N-word

From the Guardian

Jeremy Clarkson has strongly denied allegations he used the N-word in previously unbroadcast footage from the BBC's Top Gear programme.

The presenter was accused by the Daily Mirror of using the language in what appeared to be an unseen clip from the BBC2 show.

In the footage, published on the newspaper's website, Clarkson appears to say the words "What I'd really like to own is a" before appearing to mumble: "911".

The Ferrari Owners Club on Thursday launched an urgent investigation into the allegations, while Clarkson denied he used the word. He told his 3.2 million Twitter followers: "I did not use the N-word. My position on Porsches is well known. The Mirror has gone way too far this time."


A K Haart said...

Surely not NSU. I had one of those.

Mark Wadsworth said...

? Some of my best friends drive Porsches. (OK, one or two of them).

The Stigler said...


The joke refers to the rivalry between Clarkson and Hammond (Clarkson is a Ferrari fan and Hammond is a Porsche fan).

Plus the whole story is daft. I've even seen the clip and it's like calling someone a racist for saying "n-word".

Kj said...

FFS, I see in the Telegraph story, that digital forensic experts found that it was indeed the word used. This here catching people in the act of saying stuff noone has heard is great sport these days.