Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fun Online Polls: Who or what is to blame for the floods in England?

As prompted by AK Haart, we're all experts now and can play The Blame Game in this week's Fun Online Poll.

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Sticking with the general theme, here's Sinkhole Of The Week, which is fifteen foot deep, according to The Daily Mail and fifteen metres deep according to the BBC, go figure:


Leg-iron said...

Yet another underground lair ruined.

Igor, get the shovel. And this time remember to prop up the ceiling.

Bayard said...

I see you have floods in London now.

DBC Reed said...

Nobody has suggested the floods in London were caused by lack of dredging of Thames, whichever stretch of it is deemed dangerous.

Bayard said...

Yes, in most places other than the Fens and the Levels, George is right, dredging causes flooding. Presumably the Thames was dredged in the past for navigational reasons.