Sunday, 22 December 2013

"Bloke tells of struggle with Miranda Hart's fame"

From the BBC:

An office worker has spoken of loneliness and struggling with Miranda Hart's fame in an interview for Desert Island Discs.

The nine-to-fiver told the BBC Radio 4 programme he felt the amount of Miranda Hart in the media was "all a bit too much" a year ago, but was now feeling "happier and more confident that her series will have the plug pulled on them".

The paper-pusher, who will inadvertently watch a couple of minutes of the Call the Midwife special on Christmas Day, also spoke about his "lucky" survival during the Falklands War.

"I kept safe by not being in the Armed Forces," he explained.


The Stigler said...

moderately funny woman pushed as some sort of comic genius.

She was best as the cleaner in the hugely underrated Not Going Out.

Ian Hills said...

Having a 2:1 in political science from Bristol polytechnic may have helped her get BBC work.