Monday, 25 November 2013

Tories on top form

Labour detonated the "cost of living" bomb by proposing a price freeze for gas and electricity if they won the next election, which backfired most spectacularly.

The Tories said that was anti free market nonsense and wouldn't work, there would be power cuts, the economy would grind to a halt and from there on, society would descend via Communism into anarchy etc.

But just to show their sharing, caring side, the Tories have spent the last two months proposing price caps for, or "help with the cost of", the following:

Energy and water bills, the cost of housing, the fees paid for everyday financial services, the expense of rail and road travel

Rail commuters' season tickets and a curb on bank fees

Petrol and diesel prices

Water bills

Mobile phone bills

Pay-day loan interest rates

And of course there are also the Homey voters' favourites: a freeze on Council Tax, the Help To Buy scheme and artificially depressed interest rates.


The Stigler said...

nice one.

The Cowboy Online said...

Are the tories offering any help in preventing the slitting of wrists, because, God help me, their policies fucking depress the hell out of me.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, ta.

TCO, nope. You're only consolation is that they aren't quite as bad as the next UK government will be :-)