Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The results of these surveys, like the weather, are changeable

A couple of the "it's good news/no it's bad news" tales of the day - as reported in various organs

Story 1 - Hoorah for Summer Good News !

Shop sales surge in July
New data from the British Retail Consortium and accounting firm KPMG showed shop sales rose 3.9% in July.

The upturn was helped by sales of barbecue food, outdoor furniture and clothing.

Story 2 - Ya Boo, Summer sucks Bad News !

Last month’s hot weather caused a dip in consumer spending, according to new data from Visa Europe.

Spending in July was down 2.4% on June and down 0.1% compared to this time last year.
Visa Europe’s UK Expenditure Index, which takes card spending data and adjusts it for a variety of factors to create a like-for-like comparison of consumer spending.
UPDATE, screenshot from Politics Home:


Mark Wadsworth said...

Well spotted! I thought I heard something like that but I just assumed I wasn't paying attention.