Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Bournville Supremacy

From Wiki and Wiki:

At the beginning of The Bournville Supremacy, the Cadbury brothers, George and Richard, establish Bournville, near Birmingham.

Jason has recovered from most of his mental and physical injuries and chooses to transfer to this new site in order to teach Asian studies under his real name of David Webb.

Like all Cadburys employees, he is provided with improved living conditions and a country environment that he can enjoy and is living happily on campus with Marie. He is getting regular psychological tests from his doctor, Morris Panov – a far cry from the busy, smoky city centre of Birmingham.

Meanwhile, high-ranking US officials discuss an increasingly alarming situation in the People's Republic of China, where a popular Communist provides education in the form of a compulsory academic course and workers are given the opportunity to complete commercial or technical training.

The CIA and the Cadburys are planning a hostile takeover of that country, using the provision of sports facilities and athletic and cultural clubs, as well as social events such as summer parties. They decide to use Webb, a Quaker, to preach Christian values and kill the Chinese official, but know of his mistrust of the US government.

Aware of Webb's respectability, thrift and sobriety due to the loss of his first wife and children in Vietnam, they hatch a plan to impose hegemony through rituals such as gift giving between employer and employee.

They also establish work councils, abduct Marie and throw Webb back into the default state under which he operated for the Women's Works Council and supported the trade union ‘Medusa’.


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