Saturday, 17 August 2013

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

We went to see it this afternoon.

I normally steer clear of films which get good reviews, but in this case, the reviews which gave the film a tentative thumbs up (see "Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is an uplifting feelgood smash") are pretty much spot on.

I giggled and snickered all the way through. There isn't really a one-off highlight comedy gold moment, but that's the point, it just simmers along nicely for an hour and a half and reaches no particular conclusion.
Actually, there was an unexpected highlight: we parked in the supermarket car park next to the cinema (for free), so honour bound, I popped in to buy something (i.e. lager) on the way home, they were doing 3 packs of 15 x 440 ml cans for £24. That's 53p a can.

Pocket money prices - back of the net!