Sunday, 7 July 2013

Well, it probably is the obvious answer in terms of improving "take up" at least ....

Press release

Improving school food

Announcement that the co-founders of the LEON restaurant chain are to build an action plan for school food.
The government has today announced that it has asked the co-founders of LEON restaurant chain, Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent, to examine school food across the country. They will create an action plan to accelerate improvement in school food and determine the role of food more broadly in school life.

School Food Trust research shows that:
  • take-up of school lunches is just 38% in secondary schools and 44% in primary schools;
  • only 22.5% of schools provide at least one portion of fruit and veg per pupil every day;
  • half of secondary schools offer pizzas and starchy food cooked in oil on most days;
  • a third of young people are not choosing a healthy balanced meal at school.
The plan from Henry and John will examine which schools are doing things well and why. It will set out how all schools can reach a standard to be proud of. They will speak to experts, review research and visit schools as well as conduct primary research in order to build up a systematic picture of school food across England. An important part of their work will involve looking at what factors influence school food choices.

Today - the Daily Mail reports that -

Packed lunches should be banned because they're making children fat, claim government advisers

Parents who make packed lunches for their children should stop, as it is making them fat, government food advisers warn.

Restaurateurs Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent argue school dinners are healthier than packed sandwiches, crisps and fizzy drinks, in a report to be published next week.

The report will also suggest that take-up must rise to at least 50 per cent to improve nutrition in meals and to save school dinners.


The Stigler said...

The problem is the cost. I can make my kids sandwiches in the morning in 5 minutes at the cost of about 50p (maximum). School dinners cost something like £3.