Monday, 8 July 2013

Roll up, roll up...

I've noticed two things:

1) Packets of Swan cigarette papers proudly state that they are "Made the original natural way using textile fibres rather than harsher 100% wood pulp" and they are indeed much smoother than Rizla cigarette papers.

UPDATE: VFTS agrees and reminds us that the Swans are available in family packs of six for about £1.20.

2) Now that cigarettes are prohibitively expensive, you see a lot more 'normal' looking young women smoking roll-ups, which used to be the preserve of tramps and hippies, i.e. people like me. Which is most heartening, I suppose.

Just sayin'.


The Stigler said...

A mate of mine switched because of the space. He rides a motorbike and can bring a lot more smoking material in than if he bought cigarettes.

View from the Solent said...

Agree re Swan papers. And you can save a bit by buying them in 6-packs. Every little helps.