Sunday 28 July 2013

Ooooops - terribly sorry about that eagle eyed Daily Mail readers (unlike the picture desk staff)

Update (approx one hour later) : gosh, fancy that, the image on the D M website has miraculously been amended - rather drastically, because everything to the right of the landlady, including the portrait of Sir Francis, has disappeared ... but the url remains the same: Sir Francis Drake's 16th Century pub ordered to paint over signatures left over the years by sailors


Mark Wadsworth said...

I've squinted hard at the graffiti and I can't see anything really embarrassing.

Rich Tee said...

They still have a picture of the scribbles (at the time of writing) lower down the article. They are clearly written in modern marker pen.

Bob E said...

R T - Thanks for the news - I wondered if it was the same picture of the same selection of scribbles etc. And it is! Except slightly bigger and - rotated through 90 degrees - but the naughty graffito is still there on display, should one care to look. So I have taken another "screen grab" ..