Saturday, 27 July 2013

Letter From Marie Antoinette

A Lib Dem member forwarded me an email he'd received from head office (see below), adding that:

Cleggie’s advisors have clearly not heard of Marie Antionette, who built a pretend rural idyll called Hameau de La Reine where she would dress up as a milkmaid. No doubt she would have said (but in a Frenchified way) "It’s about practising what we preach and selling the benefits of apprenticeships to young people and employers. Check out that delicious cake!"

As Wikipedia remarks, “The extravagance and subtle mockery of peasant life did not help Marie Antoinette’s already suffering image.”


Mark Wadsworth said...

I imagine that stepping into her shoes is a very tricky job, unless she has unusually large feet for a woman.

Lola said...

Keerist he's clearly never done a days real work in his life.

Bayard said...

How many politicians have?