Wednesday, 31 July 2013

"Gun-owning private detectives with a history of domestic violence to face tighter regulations when cold-calling to advertise sun beds"

From the BBC, the BBC, the BBC and the BBC:

A regulator has called for more powers to stop unlicensed private detectives with a history of domestic violence from cold-calling gun-owners who are denied licences to operate a tanning salon, says the Home Office. Questions are being asked about the way the industry is working with figures suggesting that many young people are harassed on the telephone while trying to get that sun-kissed look after a firm which broke the rules was fined.

The regulator said that police in England and Wales should review a gun-owner's suitability to carry out telephone marketing, to put them in line with existing rules in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where local councils have powers to stop unregulated tanning parlours from investigating domestic violence incidents...

MPs earlier revealed that Tameside Energy Services, based in Denton, Manchester, was fined £45,000 for obtaining information illegally. Police know of law firms, insurance companies and celebrities who have used investigators to ask family members confidentially if they have concerns about an applicant for a tanning salon licence.

Ministers say they want to introduce the restrictions, including criminal record checks, by next year. The changes comes after a man from County Durham cold-called three members of his family and then investigated himself in 2012. The Information Commissioner received more than 1,000 complaints from people who had signed up to the Tanning Parlour Preference Service but were still threatened with domestic violence by owners of unregistered firearms.