Thursday, 25 July 2013

Good morning, me and my friends are here on a surprise visit on behalf of the government to persuade you of the merits of the Green Deal

"Squads of insulators and energy-efficiency experts are to be sent house to house around the UK, in the latest stage of the government's bid to plug the gaps in Britain's leaky homes and curb rising bills.

The government is pledging £20m for a new scheme that will allow local councils to send assessors and installers through their areas, working street by street. This appeals to companies because it is much cheaper to install major projects such as solid wall insulation across several neighbouring properties at once, rather than singly.

If people are approached street by street, the onus of seeking out green deal offers is removed from consumers, and householders will have to opt out of signing up for improvements, rather than opting in as at present".


Lola said...

Does yer hed in don't it? Energy bills are rising because of the green deal, and currency failure. Sigh.

Ben Jamin' said...

20 million isn't going to buy that many rolls of loft insulation though is it?

I remember my Grandmother having one of those sausage dog draft excluders.

20 million could buy a fair few of those I guess?

PJH said...

20 million won't be buying loft insulation.

FTA: "Within the areas chosen, some more affluent people will have to take out a green deal loan or pay for the improvements themselves upfront. Others, on lower incomes or with harder to treat properties, will benefit from subsidies."

Bob E said...

Ben Jamin' as PJH points out this isn't money being provided to pay for loft insulation - this is £20 million being offered up by "the government" so that local authorities can pay for "Green Deal Assessors and Installers" (the people who were probably expecting to be rushed off their feet as everyone "jumped to get a Green Deal deal before the cash ran out" but have found themselves mostly kicking their heels, waiting for the 'phone to ring, and putting their Green Deal facilitated holidays in the Bahamas back into the "maybe someday" file etc.) to go "cold calling" and doorstepping people.

In other words - "this is embarrassing, hardly anyone is signing up, we've all these thousands of people who are 'working' on the Green Deal, and it just isn't happening, what shall we do?" Why throw even more money at it and bring in a bit of "hard sell" ...