Thursday, 25 July 2013

For some reason we can only guess at they seem a bit coy about making it obvious what it is about

The Department for Work and Pensions, like many government departments, issues many a press release.  Today it has released one with the title  Local Authority Led Pilots: A summary of early learning from the pilots

Ok, hands up anyone who is wondering "er pilots, whatever they are, concerning what?"

Clues are forthcoming if the title of the release prompts you to actually investigate it.

"This report is the first published output from the evaluation of Local Authority Led Pilots in 13 areas in Great Britain set up to inform Universal Credit (UC) design and roll-out and to support Local Authorities (LAs) in their planning for UC delivery".

"The pilots commenced in September 2012 (although most only started in January 2013) and will run through to December 2013. The evaluation is being conducted in-house (although some LAs have bid for external evaluation monies as part of their bid) and the primary focus of the pilot evaluation is to capture evidence from individual pilot activity to inform the delivery and design of UC".

So, this report is concerned with Iain Duncan Smith's 'flagship project' Universal Credit, and yet those two words do not appear in the title of the press release announcing the report, nor indeed anywhere on the cover of the report.