Saturday, 22 June 2013

Good rant

For reasons best known to himself, DP posted a persiflage of a typical Home-Owner-Ist rant in the comments here, it's a wonderful example of exaggeration, obfuscation, outright lies, obvious misunderstandings, true but irrelevant facts, and just to brighten everbody's day, some really incorrect financial maths (which even everyday evidence does not support)...

Or at least I assume he meant it as a persiflage, surely nobody believes this guff, do they?

The Intergenerational Foundation seems to be a precursor to an organisation that would wish to equip everyone with a red crystal in the palm of his hand, which turns black after a specific time, whereupon the individual would be required to present himself to be terminated. Unless his name is Logan. And he feels like running.

Baby boomers have worked hard to build the world the current youth enjoy, not all of whom share in the zeitgeist of generational envy. The youth of today look forward to a world of opportunity and consumption undreamed of by my parents' generation who actually fought in the last world war and endured the privations and real dangers to life and limb of the War.

Professor David Myddleton pointed out at a Libertarian Alliance conference that the UK suffered an average daily military and civilian death toll due to enemy action in excess of 200 people throughout the War.

I stand upon the shoulders of giants when it comes to my consumption. The youth of today stand higher than I, and they have their future to look forward to - a future which someone even now is shaping in their garage/basement/bedroom in ways which will leave your flabber well and truly gasted.

In the palms of their hands the youth of today hold power that two generations ago required the might of a great nation to supply. Their iPhone could complete the entire war work of the eight thousand plus people at Bletchley Park in a short time - hours? Days?

If you live longer, you die richer. Consider someone dying today at 89 and another at 69. Assuming they worked hard all their lives and invested wisely and achieved a rate of return on their investments of 7% per annum and their first 69 years exactly matched in constant money terms. The 89 year old would be 4 times richer, simply by living 20 years longer. A 99 year old following the same pattern would be 8 times richer than the 69 year old and twice as rich as the 89 year old.

Longevity also increases wealth. Ruby red crystals in everyone's palm?

You support the YPP - Young People's Party. When do members become too old for the YPP? What happens to the old YPP MPs? Councillors? EU Regional Assembly Members? When will you be too old for the YPP? Just asking.


Pablo said...

He's right, at least, about Google cache - that's gone now too.

Mark Wadsworth said...

P, so it has, fair do's. Freedom of speech also means freedom to deny you ever said it, I suppose.