Friday, 18 January 2013

As if to prove a point...

Compiled by Bob E.

Exhibit One, in the comments to a recent post on this here 'blog:

Graeme said...
"Wow! that is some discrepancy to be overdrawn 260k against a facility of 1.5K. What exactly were the bankers doing? Did no one ask for security?"

Mark Wadsworth said...
"G, bankers got paid when they made loans; not when loans were repaid :-)"

Exhibit Two:

Bankers at Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Scotland "had been falling over themselves" to lend more than £750m to the confidence trickster Achilleas Kallakis, a judge has said, carrying out only cursory checks that failed to reveal he was a serial conman, not the extravagant Mayfair property baron he was purporting to be.