Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Reader's Letter Of The Day

I've only just got round to reading today's City AM - they edited down my original letter to its bare bones and printed it in today's Rapid Responses:

How about taxing land values instead of turnover, income and profits? Starbucks has its shops in Britain, Google has offices and data centres, and businesses that sell through Amazon have warehouses, car parks and the like. This would be an effective way of ensuring companies pay at least some tax.

Mark Wadsworth.


Robin Smith said...


Did they miss anything essential out?

john b said...

Amazon has several vast warehouses in the UK in its own right, so you're even more correct than you thought.

Mark Wadsworth said...

RS, no I liked their version.

JB, ta for extra info.

Bayard said...

The whole thing stinks of stage-management to me:
Pol to Amazon, Starbucks etc: "Look, we'll have a go at you about not paying any corporation tax, you offer to pay some, we knock it off your transfer tax bill, it costs nobody anything to speak of, we look good, you look good, what's not to like?"