Friday, 7 December 2012

Propaganda fail

Now I genuinely am a bit puzzled. Barclay's previous three advertisements had a simple message: "If you don't own a big house then you are scum. How high the mortgage is doesn't matter", which is fair enough,

Today's advertisement, instead of breezily saying "We can help you save for your retirement and for your children's deposits", appears to be conceding that with house prices as high as they are, there is a stark choice between one and t'other. I also like the fiery red colour, suggesting that we are all going to Hell. Which we are, in a handcart of Barclays' making:


James James said...

I think you're interpreting these wrong. Yes, Barclays is doing things against their own interest. I see these adverts as Barclays trying to placate public opinion, a bit like Starbucks offering to pay more tax.

Mark Wadsworth said...

JJ, the first three were clearly leading questions; this one is too honest for its own good.

And I'm not aware that Barclays is particularly in the firing line of public opinion, it seems to be NR, HBOS and RBS which have put people's backs up.

Robin Smith said...

This is the same strategy used since the dawn of time. Whatever happens

'keep collecting rents as long as possible, even if it means reduced rents, by whatever means keep collecting them'

'then when everything is about ot go tits up and there is no hope of skimming any more out of it, liquidate everything and leave town very quickly. Do not tell anyone about it.'

'if you are caught just bribe judges and leaders with enormous sums'

Its not complex. Barclays are at the start of this process.

Anonymous said...