Thursday, 6 December 2012

"Grandmothers' rudeness and lack of table manners is 'all down to lazy, gutless parents', say grandchildren"

From The Daily Mail:

• Survey shows grandmothers ignore common courtesies
• Decline of family meal causes bad table manners
• Scrapping strict wheels-on-meals rules also blamed

Timid parents obsessed with letting their parents or parents-in-law 'express themselves' are killing-off good manners, it has been claimed. A decline in traditions like sitting down to eat dinner together and using common courtesies such as 'excuse me' stems from gutless parents, according to a survey of grandchildren.

They also blamed bad behaviour in old folks' homes on the axing of old rules which saw oldies sit in easy chairs all day and stand respectfully when a carer entered the room. They believe that good manners can only be learned by example, with many 21st century parents failing to impose the same disciplinary boundaries on their parents and parents-in-law as were imposed on them when they were small.

"It's hardly a surprise we can't wait to leave the table when Granny is round," said Holly, aged 10. "And why is she always staring at me when I talk. It's creepy."

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