Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Like a cow attack but smaller

Spotted by بول, from Softpedia:

When it comes to animal attacks, most people work on the assumption that the aggressor must necessarily be a predator, or at least an enraged dog.*

However, a paperboy from Utah recently learned (the hard way, one might add) that goats can also be pretty scary. Thus, Jaxon Gessel got attacked by an 18-month-old pet-Goat Who Must Not Be Named, which knocked him off his bike, tackled him and chased him up a tree.**

Interestingly enough, this 14-year-old boy did nothing to provoke The Dark Ruminant: he was simply riding around, making sure the Utah residents under his “jurisdiction” got their morning papers, sources explain.

* Or a cow, a bull or a calf.

** Presumably not a Whomping Willow.