Monday, 10 September 2012

Yes, enough with the f-ing Olympics and Paralympics already, sheesh


The Stigler said...

It got to just after the closing ceremony and was like "thank fuck that's over" only for "and the paralympics are coming up soon" (oh joy). And just as I think that's over, we have a victory parade for the athletes.

I really don't mind when it all ends, but I could do with some sort of "all clear" siren, just so I'm not thinking it is, only to then have to get all sweary about it. I think the real end is going to be Sports Personality of the Year which is going to just go on and on about who won the croquet or horse ballet.

And honestly, these are some of the most boring sports ever thought up. The 10,000m? Who thought of that? "I know, a bloke running 12.5 times around a track isn't boring enough, let's double it". I've seen Wagner operas that were less monotonous.

At least there should be some stuff going on to break the monotony. Maybe have some babes in bikinis that come out after each lap, or a bit where athletes get gunged or sprayed with fire hoses. Let the people who run the WWF wrestling loose on the Olympics and it'll be awesome.

Mark Wadsworth said...

TS, ah yes, we've still got "the Olympics legacy" to sit through, a bit like having a hangover after a party at which you didn't touch a drop and which you weren't enjoying anyway.

The Stigler said...


Oh, I'm going to enjoy the reporting about the Olympic legacy because each one will vindicate what I've saying since 2005.

The only international sporting tournament worth hosting are the European Football Championships. Cost next to nothing to put on (some extra public policing) and you get lots of extra tourists (280,000 for Euro 96).