Friday 5 February 2010

Ban it! Ban it! Ban it!

Yesterday's round-up of Things They'd Like To Ban:


formertory said...

I'm not much worried about chinese lanterns, hair extensions, or ivory, and I'm not much for banning things generally.

On the other hand, I'd like to ban Katie Price, please. And any chav shagging her. And any journo reporting it.

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bayard said...

I thought ivory was already banned.

Tim Almond said...

So, what does Nick Herbert suggest that we do? Sing an incantation to bring the elephants back to life and then stick on the ivory that was taken?

Whatever we do about elephants, the fact is that once an elephant has been killed, you might as well sell it to some tasteless people (and use the money in hiring game wardens) than destroy it.

sobers said...

As farmer I have already written to my MP about the menace of Chinese lanterns. I'm afraid the general population is entirely unaware as to the dangers posed to both cattle ands crops by these things.

The short length of wire found in many of them is unlikely to harm a cow in its normal form, the danger lies when the grass is cut and chopped up for hay or silage. A single long length of wire becomes many short lengths, any one of which is capable of piecing the cows gut wall and causing an agonising death.

Also in a dry summer the fire risk from these lanterns will be considerable. We have had three wet summers in a row, when we get a real scorcher again, I'm sure these things will end up causing much damage.

There are laws against flytipping and littering, and in my opinion allowing people to release these lanterns freely into the countryside is no different to either of those offences.

What system would you propose to compensate landowners for damage done by these lanterns?

Mark Wadsworth said...

S: "What system would you propose to compensate landowners for damage done by these lanterns?"

There's a system for this, it's called 'insurance', just like for any other business.