Thursday, 16 October 2008

Climate Of Fear

I am not a conspiracy theorist as such, but it is indisputably true that our gummint enjoys creating a Climate Of Fear in order to be able to ram through restrictions on our freedoms, increasing taxes and/or enlarging the power of the state.

Whether this is creating ...
- fear of terrorism (-> 42 day detention),
- fear that cannabis drives you mad (evidence tenuous at best -> reclassification to Class B),
- fear of global warming (-> bin inspectors, ludicrous landfill tax, green taxes, HIP certificates, subsidies for nuclear power and windmills etc),
- fear of 'financial crisis (the banks are in rude health, frankly -> increase taxes to nationalise banks),
- fear that 'the countryside is being concreted over' (-> illiberal planning laws, high house prices -> key workers schemes, which make many public sector workers into 'tied workers', i.e. slaves),
- fear of racial tensions (-> race relations industry, 17 page forms for coppers to fill in),
- fear of passive smoking (-> higher taxes on fags, smoking ban in pubs),
- fear of paedophiles (-> regulations and restrictions on school trips, CRB checks for Scout troop leaders and nursery nurses), or
- fear of identity theft (-> ID cards. Don't ask me how they worked that one out)
etc etc.

The only thing that really worries me is power cuts, which the EU/LibLabConsensus are more or less guaranteeing with their stupid rules against coal fired power stations.

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Anonymous said...

This evening's News showed one of the Milibeans announcing that we are going to cut CO2 emissions by 80%.

John Pickworth said...

Oh wait till next year... there's a huge shock coming our way and almost no one is aware of it, yet.

Currently being set up in deepest Darlington by our beloved Government is a huge new authority which will impact upon 1-in-4 of us in business or employment.

I give you, the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)

The Times

And the buggers will charge you all £64 for the privilege of keeping your job... or the delay in starting a new one while you're 'checked by the computer'.

Climate of fear indeed.

Mark Wadsworth said...

JP, it's more than 1-in-4, it's more than 1-in-3, actually.

But then again, it's for the chi-i-ildren. Anybody who questions this is either hard hearted or possibly a peado hoping to slip through the net.

M said...

The danger may be being created by the gov, but it's not them who are really going to do the damange, no they're too fucking incompetent, it's the crims and nutters who can get a leg up from their stupidity who do the damage. I suppose that is the one partial saving grace, if they were competent then we'd really have to be scared!

Nick von Mises said...

I fear the refusal of banks to honour letters of credit. In a world of just in time supermarket stocking it's worrying that the half of our food we import isn't leaving dock and the half we produce is rotting in fields because the immigrant workers have gone home.

Fortunately Iceland will suffer first so we'll have an empirical example to base our own personal responses on.

Mark Wadsworth said...

NVM, again, nothing to worry about! Supermarkets actually have creditor days larger than debtor days; they sell the stuff in the shops (for cash) before they pay for it. So they'd just have to speed up payments by a week or two, problem solved.

Mark Wadsworth said...

MJW, the gummint's perceived incompetence is very much to be feared; it is possibly deliberate, you yourself left a comment that supported this thesis!