Sunday, 18 May 2008

White flight

What triggered our recent move was my fear of being mugged again. So we moved a few miles up the road to a nice, safe, boring area. The downside of this, apart from it being boring, was rammed home today when we went for a 'pub lunch' and my wife remarked that she was the only non-white person out of nearly a hundred diners (I did spot an Indian guy as well, but hey).

That's the downside of white flight - where we used to live, mixed race marriages were the norm*. But surely it's better for law-abiding white people to look at you a bit funny than for the criminal underclass** to look at you a bit funny ... and then mug you at knife point?

* Except for the Pakistanis, of course, they think they're above everybody else, and keep it in the family.

** To be fair, the bastards who did me over were black and white and everything in between, there's no racial angle.


dearieme said...

Anent your muggers: I was amused to find this remark about the Dark Ages-
"The rich barbarian became Roman, and the poor Roman was barbarised."

The Great Simpleton said...

Despite the claims of the soft left we aren't becoming a multi cultural society, we are becoming a series of mono cultures.

This isn't a new trend, it happened in my native Yorkshire rears ago. It isn't just whites who are to blame, most races tend to want to congregate together.

It isn't a UK phenomena either, go to any country and you'll find the same.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The Bradford Bowl being the most famous example.