Wednesday 29 March 2023


For those who were wondering, like me, where Mark had got to, it appears, sadly, that he has died.

There is an obituary by Thomas B Hall here


Sackerson said...

Sincere condolences.

James James said...

Sad news.

mombers said...

A great loss to his family and the LVT community. What a privilege to have known him

benj said...

There's a lot to admire about Mark. His intellect, his love of truth, his industry, his humanity. His blog is but one testament to all those qualities.
He is someone I looked up to and sought guidance from. A fellow traveller. Farewell Mark. I'll miss you as I would a brother.

Lola said...

Mark was a A Good Bloke. He made a real contribution to progress. His passing makes the world a poorer place.

James Higham said...

And one at Orphans.

Piotr Wasik said...

MW's passing makes me really sad. My condolences to his family and all his friends.

I have been lucky that I found him, he was incredibly smart, passionate and laborious, relentlessly pushing for the fair and free society. A talented teacher. And a fun loving, engaging guy with many hobbies.

His blog is a gem, I learned a lot from him - to reframe my thinking about the way society is organised, about economics and politics. We should archive it and not let it disappear.

The world was a better place with MW around us.

JuliaM said...

Very sad news. He was always a gentleman.

Robin Smith said...

Fabulous to see you all today. Here are some photos remembering Mr. Wadsworth. Please pass these on to Atie or Felix with my best wishes.

Top left he's not shown, and this is our first meeting at St Pancreas to tell him about LVCs. He was not happy 😁. The late Dr. Adrian Wrigley here.

Top right an obamagram Mark drew of me as collateral for the 2010 general election. What an artist. I stood then as an independent candidate against the Right Honourable Sir John Redwood MP. And was thrown out of the party. He's still there.

Bottom left is Mark helpful as always helping me and a young alcoholic street guy erect my tent on the first day of Occupy London October 2011. He was so keen. Ye Olde London pub on Ludgate Hill was a frequent haunt and group gathering during those high energy weeks. We had to use the back garden of course for a smoke!

Bottom right again Mark being helpful in my preparation for the 2012 Croydon North by-election, getting 50,000 leaflets delivered. This was at the inception of the Young People's Party, me as candidate(it's all about me right 😁) which was good then, but today has gained far more significance for me personally in remembrance of Mark.

"Remember Me"

What a great man. I only wish I had spent more time with him in recent years. We had our conflicts but I always loved him.

Mark, Go Well.