Thursday, 22 June 2017

Let's all weep.

The Torygraph has yet another bit of wailing about landlords being unfairly hit by tax changes.

Of course, being the Torygraph, they couldn't resist quoting a few myths:

"This could mean landlords opting to come out of the private rented sector, creating reduced supply or increased costs which could again mean an increase in rents." and

"The more average rents rise, the more ownership figures fall. This is a bad decision which will affect not only landlords but renters, first time buyers and second steppers.”

How does he work that out? Answers on a postcard, please.


Ben F said...

I'll never feel sorry for landlords. Fact is they are all in it because they think it's easy money. They want their tenant's labour for no effort on their own part.

Yes landlords are down. Now is the perfect time to kick them again.

Mark Wadsworth said...

He doesn't work it out, he just says it because owning your own home = good, so owning several = better.

The Tories don't seem to realise that IF every family owns their own home (and votes Tory) THEN there will be no landlords, they must be wiped out.

Bayard said...

Historically, tenants have tended to support Labour, whereas the Tories were the party of the urban rentier. However, the Tories seem to have twigged by now that you can't have urban rentiers without urban tenants and there will always be more tenants than landlords.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, exactly.

mombers said...

I've been trying to get hold of that silly 'Axe the Tenant Tax' group to ask how their retaliatory rent rise campaign is going but alas nor reply! Anyone else had any joy?

Rich Tee said...


Have you tried pretending to be Daily Mail / Daily Telegraph journalist?

Mike W said...

Rich Tee,

I don't think Mombers would be able to get away with it: his knuckles don't drag along the ground when he walks.

Mark, Bayard,
Did the Tories think they could get landlord masters up to 42% of the voting populatin in their New Order of things? I suspect they were assuming that instead of abusing their tenents that month, the landlords would offer 10% off the rent for voting Tory. Or some such well thought out plan. Note to Tory Central Office: How does Democray work in a Master/Slave society?