Tuesday, 14 March 2017

NIMBYs Of The Week

From yesterday's Evening Standard

Residents in the exclusive and elegant neighbourhood of Holland Park say they would be reduced to living in “Third World conditions” if a proposed housing development goes ahead.

Oh! Is the proposed development going to be housing for refugees and asylum seekers..? Nope.

Opponents of developer Christian Candy’s plans to build luxury apartments in an area famed for its grand double-fronted mansions say local traffic congestion already makes the area seem like a “war zone” — and construction work would make it worse.

Ah, they're complaining about a period of heavier than normal traffic, something which is part and parcel of living in London.

... residents including Queen guitarist Brian May have objected to the developer’s traffic management plan.

This reveals that there could be up to 80 lorry visits a day to and from the construction site during the busiest period of work and 32,500 over two-and-a-half years.

An additional vehicle going past every ten or fifteen minutes, would you even notice it?

And didn't Mr B May used to play at concerts attended by tens of thousands, each generating thousands of extra vehicle movements in small areas?

One neighbour said: “The pollution is so bad that I cover my mouth every morning when walking to the Tube. It’s unacceptable that residents need to worry about their health in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We will soon be living in Third World conditions.”

Sell up, cash in a few million quid unearned land price gains and move somewhere else then.

Jon Bradley said the nearby junction was already a “war zone”, and Ross Yealland added: “This plan will bring us local residents three years of hell — from life-reducing air quality to nightmare traffic from thousands of individual lorry movements.”

Third world conditions, war zone, hell, nightmare. Do these people have no sense of perspective?


Michael said...

Good God!

The 'Crown and Sceptre' was the best pub ever back in the sixties!

They mustn't desecrate the hallowed ground...


Bayard said...

Looking at the picture in the article, the road doesn't exactly look congested, does it?

Graeme said...

Brian May is the Nimby from hell. He hasn't done anything original for 25 years, just concentrating on maximising his take from manipulating the artistic legacy of Freddy Mercury, but he is always complaining. Last year he complained about leaf blowers. Someone who urgently needs a fist in his orchestras