Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Steve Hilton on top form

From the BBC:

David Cameron has urged people to think of the "hopes and dreams" of future generations in a direct appeal to them to vote to stay in the European Union.

Speaking outside No 10, the prime minister said he would not recommend a Remain vote if he didn't feel it would make the UK safer and more prosperous…

Mr Cameron's former adviser Steve Hilton, who backs leaving the EU, called it a "weird statement" and a "rather amazing thing to hear".

"What you just saw from the prime minister was an admission that they've lost the economic argument, they've lost the argument on immigration, so he's being wheeled out by rather panicky spin doctors to try to change the subject," Mr Hilton told the BBC.

I don't like Hilton or most of his views but he's got this one right.


paulc156 said...

Hilton is like most including Cameron just regurgitating the same arguments. Obviously Cameron thinks security concerns will be better served in the EU rather than out. It's not obviously correct but obviously very plausible. As for 'having lost the economic argument' that sounds more like the wish being father to the thought on Hiltons part. While it's possible Cameron is wrong on the economic argument, the paucity of economic argument for a Brexit doesn't seem to support Hiltons bluster.

DBC Reed said...

Hilton is ,as usual, trying to draw attention to himself and sell some awful book or another on a fly-by from California where he is ramping the "new-age" Crowdpack."Crowdpack's co-founders come from across the political spectrum inspired by a shared belief in new politics.We have assembled a team of innovators from the fields of politics, technology and data science to build an independent ,objective, non partisan ...blah blah , blah..for political engagement". He has not gone barefoot amongst the unbelievers like he used to do in No 10.What the fuck was Cameron thinking of when he hired him way-back?