Wednesday, 4 June 2014

"Page boy farts during Queen's Speech"

From The Evening Standard:

A page boy appeared to fart as he stood next to the Queen while she neared the end of her speech outlining the Government’s proposed laws.

The boy broke wind around eight minutes and 53 seconds into the Queen’s Speech. A loud trumpeting could be heard in the House of Lords as the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, sat nearest to the boy, showed concern as they called for help to discreetly ventilate the area.

A door was opened to allow the odour to be carried out of the chamber while the three remaining page boys assisted the Queen as she left the building after her speech.

It took place as the Queen said the Government will work towards a "comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran".

She continued reading the speech throughout the incident, adding: "A bit more choke and that would have started."


ThomasBHall said...

Very good! My favorite photo of the event was of some poor minimum wage cleaner with a Henry Hoover - likely foreign- awkwardly bowing to a bunch of "Gentlemen of the Court" as they swept grandly past in their frippary...

Pavlov's Cat said...

"A bit more choke and that would have started."

I had never heard that before , actually laughed out loud

Mark Wadsworth said...

TBH, technically, a Henry is not a Hoover (TM) but point taken.

PC, that one is from the VIZ Profanisaurus, I didn't think it up myself.