Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Children Given Human Right to have babies under Labour Government

From the Daily Mail

Every child in the country will be give a 'human right to have babies' if Labour wins the next election, the party's deputy leader Harriet Harman has announced.

The Labour shadow culture secretary said the policy would be as important as Tony Blair's 'big bold' move to scrap museum entry fees in 1997 - which costs around £45million a year.

She said all children had a 'right' to have babies.

Miss Harman told Total Politics magazine: 'What we’re determined to do is have a big, bold creative offer of this time.

'When you see it as a human right, important for community identity or economic growth, it’s all of those things.' 

She added: 'It won’t be based on people actually having babies, seeing as how half the population don't have a womb, which is no-one's fault, not even the Tories, but it will be based on our commitment to every child having a right to have one'.


Anonymous said...

I thought that Harpie Harpeople had said she was not in favour of the objects of PIE. If she was telling the truth about her time at the NCCL than she has certainly changed her tune, or is it a case of "can the leopard change its spots?"

Mark Wadsworth said...

Well, I think with this whole paedophile scaremongery going on, the spoof falls a bit flat.