Monday, 3 March 2014

Oscar Trial

From the BBC and the BBC

The Oscars have pleaded not guilty to killing an awards ceremony about cinema by throwing awards at self-righteous films that no-one watches.

The Oscars awarded the best film to 12 Years a Slave this year and in previous years gave awards for pandering to Oscar-bait "issues" films such as Crash and The Hurt Locker as well as giving acting awards for Philadephia, The Accused and Dallas Buyers Club.

Critical prosecutors allege the killing was premeditated, but the Oscars claimed they had just been picking the best films rather than trying to slap themselves on the back for being wonderful people.

The ceremony is televised live. Media interest is high.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Splendid, I refer the Hon Gentleman to the scene in "Tropic Thunder" where Robert Downey Jr explains to Ben Stiller why he didn't win an Oscar for "Simple Jack".

Basically, you get awards for playing mentally ill characters who are actually quite clever (Rain Man, Beautiful Mind, Forrest Gump) and not playing a total f-ing retard.

Another thought - do you think that whoever plays Oscar P in the film about a disabled athlete who overcomes diversity etc only to come to a sticky end will get an Oscar?

I nominate Gary Sinise, who can reprise his role in Forrest Gump for the eponymous role.

Robin Smith said...

The slave film talks all about land monopoly, but cannot quite connect it with slavery.

Nor that most slaves across history have NOT been black. Yeah, that is forbidden knowledge.

Funny. Deserves an Oscar of tiny feet just for that.

The Stigler said...

I've seen it, and it's spot on.

Regarding Oscar P: no. You have to triumph over adversity (My Left Foot, Rain Man etc).

I find a slave film that only covers the American experience a bit of a dreary idea. It's been explored many times before (Amistad, Glory, Roots) and politically in Lincoln. I'll watch it sometime when it's on TV.