Monday, 3 March 2014

Film Review: Thor: The Dark World

I really liked the first Thor movie and heard good things about this, but I generally don't bother with sequels at the cinema. Which in this case was probably the wrong decision because Thor: The Dark World is a terrific sequel to the first film.

It's got most of the same ingredients of the first film. The sibling rivalry of Thor and Loki, the romance of Jane and Thor, it pokes fun of a guy with a cape mixed in with normal people and so forth. The action sequences are bigger and more impressive. Kat Dennings gets some better lines this time as Darcy.

Well worth the price of a rental (for which I used the new Amazon streaming service that seems to work as well as Blinkbox and Sky).


Robin Smith said...

Describe the myth and symbol of the film.

Or was it just a drug effects film in which case I will avoid?

The Stigler said...


The review was really aimed at anyone who had seen and liked the first one, just to say that the sequel is worth a rental.

I never like to go into themes too much, as you often stray into giving away spoilers.

But the Marvel superhero films have generally been superior to most others because while they are ultimately action films they haven't completely neglected to show them as characters with flaws.