Thursday, 13 March 2014

Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Watched Horrible Bosses last night and thought it a rather good black comedy. It's about 3 guys working for horrible bosses, each horrible in their own ways. Kevin Spacey is a bastard, Jennifer Aniston is a man-eating sex-pest cougar and Colin Farrell is a scumbag. And they get desperate enough that they decide to bump them off.

The real pleasure of the film is how much fun Spacey, Aniston and Farrell have with their roles. Spacey is terrific as always, Aniston shows that her biggest problem was the scripts she picked rather than talent, and Farrell is at first almost unrecognisable. The writing is smart, the dialogue is snappy and if you have a Lovefilm/Amazon sub it's free to watch.


James Higham said...

Colin Farrell is a scumbag

Yes but what sort of boss did he play?

DBC Reed said...

Does Jennifer Aniston ever read any of her scripts before she starts shooting? This is the enduring mystery. Sandra Bullock's scripts like for The Proposal and the Miss Congenialty films are subtle social commentaries on the difficulties of combining personal beauty with a career compared with the cack Aniston gets involved with.Though her playing a nymphomaniac forcing a male employee to have sex with her as in this is more like it.