Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Film Review: Epic

Caught this on Blinkbox* last night, and I was rather pleasantly surprised.

It's an animated kids fantasy about a scientist who thinks that there's lots of little people running the forest and everyone thinks he's nuts, including his daughter, but it turns out he's right, and she gets shrunk and into a battle between good and evil. The premise is kinda silly, the emotional stuff falls a bit flat, but it's rather gorgeous looking, the action sequences are well done, has a decent plot and a few laughs. I particularly liked the bad guy voiced by Christoph Waltz who reminded me of the Kurgan from Highlander.

If you've got kids, worth £3.50 of your money to hire it.

* Other video rental services apply, I'm not getting a kickback for this


Derek said...

I watched that while I was on a trans-Pacific flight last summer. I'd agree with your assessment. It was quite well done. Definitely worth £3.50 to entertain the kids.

JuliaM said...

I've caught the trailer for that - looks quite good, will watch out for it on Sky Premier...