Thursday, 14 November 2013

"UK steps up Typhoon relief effort"

From Panay News:

MANILA – British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced further assistance to the super typhoon relief efforts.

At a speech in London, he pledged another £280 million, sufficient to acquire up to four of the twin-engine, canard-delta wing multi-role Typhoon Eurofighters from the BAE-MBB-Dassault consortium, bringing the total amount pledged to over £14 billion.

To help the rapid disbursement of this assistance, Cameron has also directed the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force to order two new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers at a cost of £6 billion each.

According to the British Embassy in Manila, the Royal Navy will have HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales ready for action by 2020 at the latest.

In consultation and cooperation with the French and German governments and international partners, the aircraft carriers and crews will be able to provide military assistance to the beleaguered Philippine government, helicopter rides for local dignitaries in their on-board Lynx helicopters and engineering and first-aid expertise.