Thursday, 14 November 2013

"Three tragic cases of toddlers killed by window blind cords"

From The Daily Mail:

Alexandra Lucy Hoegh, the daughter of one of Britain's richest men, died in October 2012 after becoming tangled in the cords of a window blind. The three-year-old was found at the £12million London home of Norwegian shipping tycoon Morten Hoegh by her mother Dana, 37.

Rithik Chakrabarti strangled himself on the cord of a blind in his room after he awoke from a nap and stood up in his bed to look out of the window in May 2011. The 18-month-old boy, of Poole, Dorset, got the cord wrapped around his neck while his parents thought he was asleep.

Josh Wakeham, of Newport, South Wales, who was 22 months old, was killed by the string on a cord as he looked out of the window. It is believed he may have struggled to get free from the string in January 2012, which then became wrapped more tightly around his neck.


Bayard said...

Ban 'em!

Graeme said...

The Daily Mail does seem to like strange toddler death porn. I am surprised you did not link to the Russian who nailed his testicles to Red Square.

Mark Wadsworth said...

B, yes, there's a petition to that effect.

G, I underlined the "porn" bit.

Graeme said...

or even better

I read the Daily Mail and am too terrified of benefit scroungers to get out of bed and feed my pack of wolves that guard my £2m estate in North London

Bayard said...

"B, yes, there's a petition to that effect."

How depressingly predictable.

johnd2008 said...

When my sons were toddlers , one of the first things I did was put locks on the bedroom windows to stop them opening wider than a couple of inches.If you have young children, look around the house and keep dangerous stuff out of the way.Perhaps these parents should be prosecuted for child neglect.

Mark Wadsworth said...

G, in that whole article the DM does not mention how much the woman's house was worth.

J2008, you are my kind of parent, well done. Problem is learning to let go a bit when the kids are older.

Bayard said...

J2008, the problem with your type of parenting is that it means parents have to think for themselves and take responsibility. That's so last century. Nowadays the state is there to do everyone's thinking for them and no-one has to take responsibility for anything. Remember, if anything goes wrong, it has to be someone else's fault, preferably someone you can sue.