Monday, 17 September 2007

Dr Dolittle

I vaguely remember a scene in one of the books*, where Dr D tracks down a really rare butterfly and talks to it for thirty seconds, after which he allows it to fly off again.

His assistant asks him why he didn't try to find out more, there were so many question left to be answered.

Dr D replies that as the butterfly only lives for one day, even thirty seconds represents a huge chunk of that butterfly's life.

I wish that governments were a bit more like Dr D. We only live once, and the more time we spend doing what we want to do, and the less time we spend filling in forms, complying with regulations, waiting for trains that are delayed and being kept on hold, the better.

In fact, "Dolittle" is a pretty good name for a libertarian.

*If anybody has further and better particulars, please leave a comment. Assuming you have the time to spare, of course!


Anonymous said...

When my daughter was young she went to a friend's farm because he kept llamas. We asked her how it went. Disappointing, she said, they only have one head.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I always wondered, if they eat, how would they poo.