Monday, 17 September 2007

"Where are the red lines now?"

I have cheerfully cut and pasted this from the UKIP website.

"EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini has called for the relaxation of EU immigration controls in order to throw open Europe's borders to an extra 20 million workers from Asia and Africa. Is there any doubt about which EU country these people would head for?

Gerard Batten MEP, UKIP spokesman on Immigration asked: "So where does this leave Gordon Brown's much-vaunted 'red line' on this subject, which is supposed to protect the UK from the worst excesses of the revived Constitution?

"In tatters, of course – just like the other 'red lines' will be when the EU gets its Constitution."


CatWoman said...

Again same shit different continent. We get specific rubbish bombarding us with their uselessness and procreation chaos. And well you have, um , what you have. I'll leave it at that. wink wink.