Saturday, 26 June 2021

Free riders (Georgist song)

Ignore the footage - it's easier to upload a video with music than to just upload an MP3.

Everything written, performed and recorded by *me* (my daughter changed one word in the lyrics).

Pay your rent or live in a tent, that’s up to you to decide
They take half your money, taking you for a ride
You’ll be happy and you’ll own nothing, but their greedy mouths need stuffing
Free riders, free ride
God made the place in just six days, and then he took a rest
Admired his own handiwork and said “It’s for the best”
Didn’t know that some ugly fuckers, would grab it all and take us for suckers
Free riders, free ride
   Or maybe it just formed itself, four billion years ago
   Stardust clumped together, the whole process was very slow
Willy was fast and also was a bastard, in a most literal sense
Grabbed the land with an iron hand, and then he grabbed the rent
I said literal, also metaphorical, some war crimes are not historic
Free riders, free ride
Walked the earth like they invented dirt, and then stuck up a fence
They stole half our money, and called it paying rent
Yes, I’m talking about fiscal injustice, it’s complicated... well it just is
Free riders, free ride
   Banks are just as guilty, giving out home loans
   If you miss a payment, they take your house, cut off your phones
Our whole system, if you’d care to listen, is totally back to front
They take half your money, at the end of every month
They keep putting up the prices, causing every fiscal crisis
Free riders, free ride
Go to Hell with your BTL, put faces to the names
Trump and Rachmann, Kings and Queens, they’re really all the same
We know how the story ends, they’re your landlords not your friends
Free riders, free ride
Free riders, free ride
Free riders, free ride.