Monday, 8 March 2021

"More than 73 percent of Americans who die of COVID-19 are overweight or obese, CDC data reveal"

Says the headline in The Daily Mail.

That's hardly surprising is it? More than 73 per cent of Americans are overweight or obese, full stop.


MrMC said...

What a surprise...not

Nessimmersion said...

Is this where the word "or" is doing a lot of work?
We already know that those classed as overweight by OURNHS have a greater life expectancy and are more likely to survive an encounter with OURNHS than those classed as normal weight

Frank said...

"...the deadline..."?

Where do I send my bill for prof reeding? ;-)

(Delete this when you've corrected the typo otherwise it'll look stupid.)

Mark Wadsworth said...

F, my bad. I have changed "deadline" to "headline".