Monday, 16 November 2020

What I want for Christmas...Pt 1

#1 For the bloody HMRC to stop adressing me as a 'customer'.  

Listen up you language mangling patronising sanctimonious parasites I am, unlike any of you, a real tax payer so that's how you need to address me.

A bit of 'please sir' 'no sir' needs to be introduced into your correspondence.

A 'customer' is engaged in voluntary exchange.  Being a 'tax payer' is to suffer coercion.


Mark Wadsworth said...


Bayard said...

Are you sure there's not a competing tax department that you haven't been told about?

Robin Smith said...

Well that all depends on if you're trapped by monopoly. In which case there's no free exchange or very little.

I think it's a fair way to address you. This is the UK PLC after all being run very poorly like every gang or FTSE100 or bank

Blissex2 said...

«Being a 'tax payer' is to suffer coercion.»
«Are you sure there's not a competing tax department that you haven't been told about?»

Indeed there are *several hundred* tax departments competing for your custom. Paying the membership fee for being a member of the UK residents club is entirely voluntary: you can quit the club at any time and seek the membership of hundreds of other residents clubs.

It is like property management fees in a block or an estate: if you think they are poor value, nobody is forcing you to continue living there there is no coercion, so TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and shop around for a residents club that offers you a better deal. I hear that the Barclay brothers like the membership fees of Sark and Sir Green likes those of Monaco. There are currently special deals in Malta and Cyprus too.