Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Cow news

Both via @AmbushPredator.

From The Daily Mail:

A growing wellness trend out of the Netherlands has people cuddling cows for comfort.

Called 'koe knuffelen' in Dutch — which translates to 'hugging cow' — the practice typically involves visiting a farm and spending several hours in the company of cows. According to proponents of the trend, cow cuddling can be quite soothing thanks to the animal's warm temperature and size, and the oxytocin boost it leads to can even reduce stress.

Presumably you have to sign a lenghty disclaimer saying that the farm owner assumes no responsibility or liability if customers get kicked or trampled to death.

Also from The Daily Mail:

A teenager from Northern Ireland has died after the car he was driving collided with a cow. Josh Fletcher died in the early hours of Sunday morning after his car left the road when he collided with the animal...

Police have not confirmed the fate of the cow that was hit but is thought to have been killed as well.


Jan M said...

Oppps the car left the road, wow, never mind electric cars, thev’e now got a mind of their own. Nowt to do with the driver.

Mark Wadsworth said...

JM, yes, it's the weird blame culture. I'm tempted to do a joke based on the similarity between the word "blame" and the acronym "BAME" but a) I can't think of one and b) I suspect it would be non-PC so I shall self-censor.

John Tee said...

The DM article is a good example of bad English. I'm left unclear as to whether the autonomous car collided with a cow and then left the road, or left the road then collided with a cow.

Mark Wadsworth said...

JT, the DM article is a good example of vague DM articles. You always have to reconcile conflicting versions of events and make some assumptions.

Unknown said...


The landlord owns the property and land it stands on because of homsesteading.

Nobody has moral claim to it other than them.

Unknown said...

Another KLN:
Land is just one more scarce resource. There are many, many people who live fulfilling, economically productive lives never owning land. If we put a 100% tax on chicken consumption, guess what? Everybody would eat turkey McNuggets.

Georgism is stupid because no scarce resource is unique. They're all scarce and thus not special. There's even plenty we're not making more of. The idea of one of them being the one thing we can tax is just ridiculous.

Mark Wadsworth said...

U, ta, I'll have a go.