Thursday, 14 May 2020

Cars and Garages

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Fun Online Poll, good turnout.

Which of the following apply to you (multiple answers allowed)?

Total - 86 voters

I have no garage - 40 votes
I use my garage to store junk - 28 votes
I use my garage as a workshop - 15 votes
I keep my everyday car in my garage - 8 votes
I keep my second car in my garage - 7 votes
I use my garage for some other purpose (please specify)* - 7 votes
My garage has been converted to living space - 2 votes

With only 8 out of 46 people using their garage to keep their everyday car in, my suspicions that most people have repurposed their garage is confirmed. I'm also glad to see that my usage is the most popular one.

Only one person actually specified: Frank said "I store my bicycles in my garage and I have a set of rollers to ride my bike when I can't go out. I also use it to store my garden power tools: lawnmower, strimmer etc."


Mark Wadsworth said...

And nearly half of people don't have a garage, which seems about right to me (I don't either, on my street hardly anybody has a garage).

Frank said...

By the way, I have a garage but no car.

If I did have a car, I would still keep my bicycles, lawnmower etc in the garage and the car would sit on the drive. :-)

Bayard said...

I wonder why people are so much happier to leave their cars outside in the weather. Is it because cars these days are less prone to rust, more difficult to steal or break into or simply that dry storage is more at a premium as houses have no loft space or any other storage space internally?

Graeme said...

Most garages built before, say, 1990 are too narrow to house modern cars. I had a Renault Megane and I occasionally garaged it but I could just about open the door enough to slither out. A Megane is not a big car. My house was built in the 70s.

Lola said...

G All garages are exactly on size too small.

I had mine built and it's still not big enough.