Saturday, 15 February 2020

Vandalised Wall Vandalised

From the BBC

Vandalism by Banksy has been defaced just 48 hours after it appeared.

The vandalism, featuring a young girl firing red flowers from a catapult, appeared on the side of a house in Bristol on Thursday.

Banksy confirmed he was behind the vandalism by posting a picture of the work on his Instagram page at midnight on Valentine's Day.

But new vandalism has now been daubed over the vandal's design in bright pink lettering.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Love it.

DCBain said...

D'you think Banksy gets irony?

Radical Rodent said...

Much as I dislike graffiti, Banksy is, without a doubt, a genuine artist, with his work showing great skill, taste, and wit. Though I know nothing of him(?), I suspect that he would find rich irony in this.